Embellishments: Sparkle, Colour, Crystals, a Vulture and a Tiger’s-eye

If the garment is the character, then the embellishment is the twinkle in its eye.

A litte while ago I put together this dance top from an off-cut of jersey fabric, two handfulls of crystals and sequins, and an old clasp. A quick evening’s work. The varying sizes of the crystals and sequins means that the sparkle of light is dynamic, and the stretch of the jersey fabric means that it fits well to the body, moves with the body, and also creates interesting lines that direct the eye inward towards the crystal encrusted area.

Below are two examples of embroidery: A tiger’s eye and a rather adlibed multicoloured vulture-type bird. Like the dance top, these were pieces done on a whim with off-cuts. The fabric that the vulture is on was slightly stretchy, which did not give the best finish, but the tougher matt fabric that is the backdrop for the tiger’s eye really makes the bright thread stand out and keeps it uniformly flat.

I am hoping to do some other embroidery pieces this week, what with a swollen ankle that seems to have decided to keep me in the house. But I guess if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

What do you reckon?